Our young team of dedicated specialists is committed to bringing the latest technologies in data processing and analytics, cloud-native technologies, and application development to the front. With ample knowledge in programming languages such as C#, Javascript, Ruby, Elixir, Java, Scala, and PHP, the experts of Aligned will breathe new life into older applications.


We agree, cloud-based services are key to a faster and more secure evolution, therefore we chose as our preferred cloud solutions Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, and Heroku.

When the growth of your business is stymied by old technology, market shifts, changes in customer preferences, the best way to get everything back to track is to adapt and modernize your .Net applications.

At Aligned, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all answers for businesses across the board, and as such, we only deliver bespoke or customized solutions. With cost reduction and efficiency in mind, we rely on constant and continuous innovation to bring our customers closer to their end goal.

Always ready and happy to answer any and all questions, our team is ever ready and one click away. Our core beliefs are efficiency, opportunity cost, speed, and quality.

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We offer ASP.NET modernization solutions, cloud migration, cloud hosting, app development, event sourcing, cloud security, and many other services tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

Our preferred frameworks are ASP.NET MVC, Phoenix, Ruby on rails, Angular, etc., but we are always able to adapt and re-invent ourselves to better fit our customer’s expectations, plans, and requirements. We can advise, suggest, and help you understand the processes at every step along the way, making it easier for everybody to communicate and agree. This was, you will always feel part of the solution, with an intimate knowledge of the intricacies required to boost your business.


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