Helping Your Business Grow

Small businesses often encounter problems when their processes and systems can no longer keep up with their growth. When technology that’s worked in the past starts slowing you down, or worse, affecting your ability to serve your customers, it’s time for a change.

At Aligned, our analysts look at the big picture, including where you stand now and where you want to go. Next, our skilled engineers and developers find the right custom software solutions to relieve the pressure, streamline how you do business, and ultimately help your business grow by making it easier for you to do what you do best.

Our solutions can include a variety of on-premise or cloud software products – whatever meets your needs most effectively – and we won’t try to sell you something just to pad our pockets. We’re focused on finding the perfect solution that will help you achieve your business goals, and continue to benefit you for the long term.

Our Services

  • Process and Application Review

    What technology are you currently using, and for what business processes? Who is using the technology and what are the tasks they need to complete?

    We take a close look at how your business processes currently operate, like HR, accounting or CRM, and identify areas where efficiency can be improved through automation, new software applications, or customization.

  • Application Development and Implementation

    Once we have a clear picture of your business, the tasks you need to complete, and your current systems, we gather the information we need to build your custom software application. You’ll receive a detailed proposal outlining the work required, technology recommendations, and cost estimates.

    Next, we’ll dive in and work our magic, involving you in the process and keeping you informed at every step. And because technology is always advancing, we’ll ensure your new system is updated regularly so you can take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and improve your performance even further.

  • Maintenance, Monitoring, and Support

    Our relationship doesn’t end at implementation. We stick by your side to assist with anything you need to ensure your technology is always serving your best interests.

    We’re your partner for the long-term, and assist with updates, maintenance, support, adjustments and bug fixes as needed.

Technology and Tools

Our developers and engineers have extensive experience with the following technology and tools:

  • Programming Languages

    • Elixir
    • Ruby
    • JavaScript
    • C#
  • Programming Frameworks

    • Phoenix
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Angular
  • Cloud

    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Digital Ocean
    • Heroku

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